What We Do

Keasler Design develops floor plans for both families and home builders.

Custom Home Design
With 42 years of experience in Residential Design, Bennett Keasler has provided thousands of families a custom home design, unique to suit the needs of each. His consistent commitment to excellence in home design has serviced families across generations, in a number of cases; whether renovating an existing house to become a multi- generational home or creating a custom design for the individual that grew up in a Keasler Design and now would like to create one to call his or her home. With Keasler Design, you need only to bring your ideas and goals; we’ll take it from there.
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Renovations and Additions
As time goes by, circumstance changes and many families find their existing home no longer fits their needs. Whether functionally the home has become too small, suffered damage and/or the aesthetics of the interior and exterior have become dated; families increasingly do not want to leave their current home for a number of reasons. The camaraderie of familiar neighbors, schools and shopping locations lead to considering renovating an existing floorplan. Keasler Design has extensive experience with all types of home renovation, both big and small.
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Builder and Developer Services
For a developer doing a custom home neighborhood within a master planned community, we have the expertise to make it happen.
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